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The Crowd

March 31st, 2011

In the Gospel of Mark ch 15:11 the crowd ask for Barabbas a known criminal, one who was guilty. but the crowd cries out for his release over one who had done nothing wrong. You have to ask why? Jesus went about doing good to and for people, healing, feeding, and loving them. why would the crowd not want that? One answer is they where disappointed with Jesus, they could not understand how a message of love could win over power. Is it the same with you? do you believe Love conquers all evil or are you still trying to win with power? If I could get this thing or this person or that position or move to that place everything would ok. There are some interesting lesson from the crowd that day.
1. Crowds weaken character.
2. They don’t think for themselves.
3. they are loud.
4. they are not consistent.
When you read the story where do you see yourself? Jesus never challenges the crowd, however he always challenges the individual. And Individuals change crowds. God has given you a voice will you use it in “your crowd” Thats how I see it in my market

The power of Fear

March 21st, 2011

Lessons from the courtyard Mark 14:53-71.
Why would the most religious and pious men of their day act this way? The great Sanhedrin 71 of the wisest men, men that where suppose to know God better than anyone. Even if they thought Jesus was a false messiah, why would these Godly men act this way? the answer is FEAR. They seen what God was doing through Jesus and they where afraid. the first lesson is Fear threaten your security they where afraid that they would lose their status,authority, and position. The second lesson is Fear causes confusion none of the witness’s could agree. The third lesson is Jesus answers your fear “I AM” whatever your fear is Jesus is the answer: He is light, truth, bread, eternal, the good shepherd, the way, the vine, the son of God,Alpha and omega. Jesus has it covered no matter what. the fourth lesson does your appearance give you away when Peter was recognized in the courtyard he denied Him. If someone look’s at your life could you be accused of knowing Jesus. The last thing is we learn perfect love cast out fear, with everything that was going on we see Jesus calm and cool confident in God’s love. When we love we conquer fear. thats the way I see it in my market. Pastor Mark

Faith and Forgiveness

March 15th, 2011

Today is dedicated to the Life of Rena Singleton (Nana)

While it is still fresh in my mind I want to remind myself of the important things about life.
Nana went home to be with the lord on Thursday March 10th at apporxmatly 10:15AM. I had the Honor  of preaching her funeral well, I was one of two; the other person speaking was Dr. Susan and she told the story of how Nana saved her life as she put it she was saved by” The Romans and one great aunt” it was an incredible story of faith and trust in God.

 For the believer difficulties and suffering is God’s proving ground, without them you never grow as a person of faith.

Forgiveness is the fertilizer of your faith what i am going to say now isn’t very PC but here goes anyway   you have to forgive  the crap that life throws at you if you want to grow.

This I know about Nana she had faith,  to say she went through a lot doesn’t  even began to tell the story.
By the time she was 22 she had already lost two husbands the first killed in a motorcycle accident and the other killed in action during WW2 and left her a single parent in the 1940’s.

I don’t know when Nana learned what I am about to share with you but nevertheless she learned them and learned them well. We found several scraps of paper tucked inside her Bible and this is what she learned about life.
1. when life is hard trust God.
2. Have faith.
3. Forgive.
to quote her “Forgive quickly best for you and your soul” Nana was 90 years old when she stepped out of this life to the next She lived life in its purest form through pain and suffering and had a good time doing it I will miss her.  Oh, and the Romans DR. Susan talked about Check out chapter 5. Nana was a person of perseverance and character. we would do well to follow her example. Pastor Mark