The Crowd

March 31st, 2011

In the Gospel of Mark ch 15:11 the crowd ask for Barabbas a known criminal, one who was guilty. but the crowd cries out for his release over one who had done nothing wrong. You have to ask why? Jesus went about doing good to and for people, healing, feeding, and loving them. why would the crowd not want that? One answer is they where disappointed with Jesus, they could not understand how a message of love could win over power. Is it the same with you? do you believe Love conquers all evil or are you still trying to win with power? If I could get this thing or this person or that position or move to that place everything would ok. There are some interesting lesson from the crowd that day.
1. Crowds weaken character.
2. They don’t think for themselves.
3. they are loud.
4. they are not consistent.
When you read the story where do you see yourself? Jesus never challenges the crowd, however he always challenges the individual. And Individuals change crowds. God has given you a voice will you use it in “your crowd” Thats how I see it in my market

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