The power of Fear

March 21st, 2011

Lessons from the courtyard Mark 14:53-71.
Why would the most religious and pious men of their day act this way? The great Sanhedrin 71 of the wisest men, men that where suppose to know God better than anyone. Even if they thought Jesus was a false messiah, why would these Godly men act this way? the answer is FEAR. They seen what God was doing through Jesus and they where afraid. the first lesson is Fear threaten your security they where afraid that they would lose their status,authority, and position. The second lesson is Fear causes confusion none of the witness’s could agree. The third lesson is Jesus answers your fear “I AM” whatever your fear is Jesus is the answer: He is light, truth, bread, eternal, the good shepherd, the way, the vine, the son of God,Alpha and omega. Jesus has it covered no matter what. the fourth lesson does your appearance give you away when Peter was recognized in the courtyard he denied Him. If someone look’s at your life could you be accused of knowing Jesus. The last thing is we learn perfect love cast out fear, with everything that was going on we see Jesus calm and cool confident in God’s love. When we love we conquer fear. thats the way I see it in my market. Pastor Mark

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