The Point

August 31st, 2011

It still continues to amaze me how many Christians and “preachers” still misunderstand what faith in Christ is all about?????. Our faith in Jesus Christ is supposed to equip us to face the challenges that life throws at us, to help us through the fire and through the flood. There are many people that have embraced the “Happy Gospel.” God wants me to be happy and rich and never ever asks me to do anything that is uncomfortable or requires commitment from me.  It is this type of “Gospel” that Paul says “they have a form of godliness, but it denies the power there of” It looks good but no substance. ALL SHOW and NO GO.

It is very true that when we apply God’s principles to our lives it puts us in the best position to be blessed and to be used by God for his purposes……..whatever HE chooses. God’s will for your life and my life is that we become like Christ. This I know and you can take this to the Bank, the people God uses are the people that have been through Pain and disappointment. The people who trust God even when their life is upside down, when it doesn’t make since, when the circumstance of life scream “where is God” and “God don’t You care” and “God don’t You see”. Every follower of Christ has had times like this in their life. Remember the story of the  disciples crossing the lake and a violent storm came up they said the same thing and Jesus was with them in the boat, He is here, He cares, He sees.  Not everything God calls you to will give you peace, this is a common misunderstanding. Peace comes after Trust.

Two things 1. He said “let’s go to the other side”
                    2. He said “Peace be still”
The work He started He will finish making you complete just like Him. Trust Him through the Pain and uncertainty He is faithful, and that’s the way I see it in my market.

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