The Last Day

May 25th, 2011

Well, here we are or at least am I still here. Did I miss it? Did it happen? I can’t help but wonder did this last guy even feel bad for the people that believed what he was telling them?  The short answer NO! He’s busy trying to come up with another date, reworking the calculation,  so he can continue to perpertrate the lie that keeps the scheme going.  It was never God’s Plan for the bible to make us mindless, he gave us.
His Word and The Holy Spirit.
He gave us a map and a guide, Yet people make it so hard The Gospel is very simple. And God is a capable  teacher. You need to learn to think for yourself. As a pastor I have the privledge to teach the bible every week and I do my very best to study and pray to find out what God is saying through whatever Text we maybe studying, but that is no substitute for what the Holy Spirit can teach you. There are a lot of good spirit filled bible teachers out there and they all get it from the same place you can. You should never accept as truth what somebody tells you until you have done the work of seeking the truth for yourself. Shame on you for lying to God’s people and making a mockery of the Gospel. My advice to you for your Last Day is to be ready today. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ in to your heart, give him your life and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and that way you will be ready no matter when The Last Day comes and thats the way I see it in my market.

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