Kingdom Apps, Part 3 Treasure

July 18th, 2011

 We finish up this week with part 3 Treasure, Yes money, but before you grab your purse and think all we want is your money (The Church or Preachers) I would like for you to consider all the bible has to say about the subject.

Blessings always flow from obedience!

The book of Deuteronomy has several chapters in it that the overall theme is Obedience chapter 4 through 11 deal with this issue, please read it for yourself.

Jesus talked more about money than Heaven and Hell combind. In the gospel of Matthew He tell us there is a right and wrong place to store treasure. Matthew 6:19 & 20
Not on earth, but in heaven. Things that are placed in God’s hand can never be lost.

He also tells us that there is a right and wrong motive and here are some of the things he is concerned about.
1. It’s a heart issue. Matthew 6:21
2. Is your love God or Money? Matthew 6:24, 1 Timothy 6:10

Jesus tell two story’s  about the wrong attitude of money you can read them Luke chapter 12 and Matthew 19.  In life you will find givers and takers, the enemy is a taker he will promise, but never deliver. Jesus is a giver, he always delivers. John 10:10

Being blessed means having supernatural power working For us. By contrast, living under the cure means having supernatural power working Against us. The choice is ours! And thats the way I see it in my market

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