Kingdom Apps, Part 1

July 5th, 2011

Have you noticed these new smart phones they have an APP. for everything; You can surf the web, Find out what your friends had for breakfast, (if you care about that sort of thing) get the New’s and Weather, play games, Text, and if your in the mood call someone.  Amazing what you can do with one of these thing but, the most Amazing thing about these phones is you can get an App. for God’s word, right on your phone very cool. I wonder how many people actually take advantage of that App?.

The next three week’s @ MPC we are in a series called Kingdom Apps. And yes it’s a stewardship series.
This week we are focused on Talent, using what God has given you for his glory. Nehemiah Ch. 3 is a good place to start. 
How do we accomplish the impossible task of changing the world? When everyone repairs the wall by their house. There is a Key verse in this chapter 3:28 “Each one repaired the section immediately across from his own house.” That is where we start. 
Please read this for yourself.  When Nehemiah get’s the bad news of the shape Jerusalem is in, Check out how he responds. Not a woe is me attitude, He responds in faith.
1. He prays and fasts, this is still a good response to bad news.
2. He gets a vision of what can be.
3. He takes action, in other words he goes to work. (also a good response to bad news)
What if you used your talent to change the:
Economy, Gave somebody a job or helped somebody get a job.
Socially,  Helped out the widow, the orphan, single mom, helped someone receive justice.
Physical Health, Pray for someone’s healing, take someone to the doctor, get them some medicine.
Families, Help one get better.
Spiritually, Help one get stronger. 
What would happen if you began to “repair the walls of your city”?  You would change the world for somebody…………..and that somebody could be YOU and thats the way I see it in my market.

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